Thursday, July 28, 2005


Update: Jack Hill from the Preservation Society for Spring Creek Forest says it's a immature Red-Tailed Hawk.

Went to take some pictures at Spring Creek Forest last Sunday morning. Saw a few things, but really didn't get any decent pics. But then on the way home I drove down one of the backstreets that is surrounded on both sides by old farmland/prairie. I had the top down on the Mustang and was really just cruising for a few minutes before heading home. All of a sudden I heard a loud shriek & saw this hawk on top of a telephone pole.


I watched him for a long time and even moved a couple of times to follow him. I was hoping to get some shots of a kill, but no luck. This has to be a regular spot for him, so I'm gonna check it out. Looks to be a pretty good size fellow. This is a bit out of focus, but I like it anyway.


I took tons of pics, but most were out of focus or just too far away. He moved on me a couple of times.


Tomorrow is Friday... enjoy it and the weekend.


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