Monday, August 15, 2005

Dexham Prairie

Recently I read that one of the last prairie remnants around the Rowlett area is scheduled for destruction starting in September 2005. This past Saturday & Sunday I rose with the sun & drove the 10 or so minutes to see for myself what we are losing. The prairie is around 75 acres with an additional 25 acres of marsh & flooded hardwoods. I didn't make it to the marsh this time, but hope to before it is destroyed. A view just after sun up.

Dexham Prairie

and another...

Dexham Prairie

The area seems to be used mainly for biking right now and the damage seemed to be concentrated around the trails as expected.

There were many different plants thriving...


and some wildflowers in bloom.

Yellow Flower

I think this is some kind of thistle.


And lots of birds... identifications coming later.


Look Down

In Motion

and more flowers...



More Yellow

It is sad that it is going to be gone so soon. By the time my son is old enough to understand this, the subdivision will be built out & animals long gone. All in the name of progress... right???

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