Thursday, January 12, 2006

Spring Creek Workday

Last Saturday I went to a workday at Spring Creek Forest Preserve. I've blogged about the preserve before and that's where 90% of my nature pictures last year came from. I was a few minutes late & not prepared for work. It ended up being more of an education & walk, with a few folks doing some real work towards the end. I personally just took pictures & provided moral support. Next time I plan to bring my gloves & get dirty. They are planning a big event the 1st Saturday of March to clear about a 1/4 back to prairie. They will need help, so if you are interested just visit the website for details or show up early on March 4th.

Jim Varnum and a burr oak. (Quercus macrocarpa)
Jim Varnum and Burr Oak

Below J. Rubrecht chops down some privet!
J. Rubrecht chops down some privet!

The full set is here.

The preservation society has a website with directions to the preserve.

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