Sunday, February 20, 2005

Toys & Burgers

Not everything in this blog will be about RR. I'm just going to post anything here... so I'm not sure where that will lead at the moment. Yesterday the family unit drove out to Tots Towne in Allen to let my son play with a few toys & check out this pirate ship playhouse my wife insists he needs. We had never been before & didn't think about calling ahead. The place was booked for birthday parties, so no toys to play with. Luckily he is still too young to realize what happened, but I was still very annoyed. We bought something anyway and will probably give them one more chance.

On the way I mentioned I wanted a big thick hamburger for lunch. In the same shopping center as the toy store was Scotty P's. Both wife & I had heard good things, so we gave it a try. I got the #2 Preston Trail chili burger with double meat. The burgers had that charbroiled flavor but were a little overcooked for me. The Cardiac fries were good, but still nothing replaces Snuffer's. Maybe I'm being picky, cause it looks good to me now.

There is another in Frisco, I may eat up there for lunch since it's near my orifice.

We had hoped to tire out the golden child with the toy play, but the restaurant accomplished the same thing. He's social and spends much of his time checking out everything & everyone. (in his chair, not up walking around) We can get him to eat, but there are no fast meals with other kids around. He was flirting with a little girl at the next table, which makes me very proud. I think he got her digits. We got him down for a nap & wife suggested I run out for a couple of Shiners at Nedley's. She has such good ideas. I played a few games of NTN & got several nice lungfulls of cigarette smoke and left. They really need to work on the smoke filters in that place. But it's hard for them to do much about it when the woman smoking menthols next to you is poking it in your ear. I hate rude people.

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Pimpin' Ben said...

If you like chicken, I'd recommend the grilled chicken sandwich at Scotty P's.