Sunday, March 06, 2005

North Texas Irish Festival

Yesterday we went to the North Texas Irish Festival at Fair Park with the wife's parents & the golden child. I believe we'll make it an annual tradition. The weather was a bit overcast, but it was comfortable and nice to be outside for a stretch. Here's a shot of the wife & Noah with the main outdoor stage in the background.

The initial beer hunt took longer, due to the whole "ticket" thing, but eventually we had our 1st Guinness of the day. And god said it was good. The funniest thing about all this is the merging of the Irish with Texas culture. The whole kilt & cowboy hat ensemble was very popular.

The food was exceptional. I tried some of the irish stew, but the best thing was just the normal fair food. My favorite was the Cajun wrap... I went with beef and was not disappointed. I have this thing about eating chicken away from home. Much of this festival was indoors, here's a shot of one of the music tents. I think Seamus Stout was playing at that time. I have seen them at Trinity Hall and they are excellent.

While in line for a Guinness at one point, I saw a man holding his newborn. Behind me in line was a group of college students and one of the girls piped up, "Why would someone bring their newborn here?". She said it over & over and they all agreed that it was stupid. Since I was over working on Guinness 5.0 at that time, I had to respond. I reminded them that it was a FREE country and that guy could do whatever he wanted to as long as he wasn't hurting anyone. They were so astonished that they didn't say a word. So I took the opportunity to add, "And I don't know why a man would bring someone like YOU here?". Stunned silence from all of them. What are we teaching these kids in college? I would have called me a "geezer" and threw a beer in my face. I think she might have been a "tagalong" with the other 2 couples anyway. Maybe she left & they were happy. Someone always tells me when I act like a moron, so I feel obligated to do the same.

On the way to the car we spied a Delorean made up in Back to the Future style. I had to peek in and see the flux capacitor... looked to be light rope from Wal-Mart. Damn. You can just make out the flux capacitor in this picture.

Turned out to be a very fun day.

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