Monday, March 21, 2005


Last month I read about Soler, a street artist that has spent some time in Dallas. I'm into street art (I still call it graffiti) so after pestering the blogger, she gave me the exact location of a "Soler". Yesterday I found some time & drove to the SE corner of Pacific & Pearl. I went all the way around the building & didn't see it. I decided to leave & as I was making the block I saw this in the distance. Turns out you sometimes need to look UP. As you can see, I was a good distance away when I spotted it. (center of pic)


Here's one of the better shots. If you click on the pic, it will take you to where you can see it in the original size. Looks like the little one is about to get mugged!


This one should give you an idea of how high up the wall these were... at least the liquor billboard makes a good artist scaffold.


I just realized I didn't get their feet in any of these... bad photographer. I'll have to see about getting up high to get the whole piece photographed.

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Anonymous said...

This would look cool silkscreened on a t-shirt.