Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Texas Sculpture Garden in Frisco

On Monday, I had a quick lunch at Subway & then drove through the Texas Sculpture Garden in Frisco. I say "drove through" because the 7 employees at the new Subway appeared to all be in training & were a bunch of morons so I had very little time by the time I found the entrance. (I found the website later)

The sculpture garden is in the Hall Office Park just across the street from the Rough Riders baseball park. Basically it's a techno-office park with art in the front lawn. They have a pdf tour guide.

The whole thing appears to be the idea of one really rich guy who happened to relocate his business in Frisco. This is a picture of Craig Hall of Hall Financial Group from the TSG website & a personal message from Craig.

He reminds me of Larry from Three's Company for some reason.

I only had time to shoot a couple of pics. Click the pic to see it full size on

Texas Sculpture Garden #1

Both of these were by the same artist. I find this one to be very mathematical.

Texas Sculpture Garden #2

I'm planning to shoot the whole thing just to test the D70 a bit more. I'm loving the D70 by the way. Still figuring out how to get the best results, but it's getting easier. I was testing different exposures in my office & snapped this one. I guess I need to move these to storage.

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Pimpin' Ben said...

I'll have to check it out next week. I work in the Frisco area quite often.