Saturday, April 02, 2005

An Afternoon with Dad

The other day I drove out to visit an old friend. He was someone else I met at Maria's and a friend of the Rowdy Redneck. If I get an afternoon off, I can always count on "Dad" to be home & working outside. Somehow he became "Dad" to lots of people, but I call him by his real name. Anyhow, he lives on the edge of this small town on about 10 acres. They are building all around him & he's the only who hasn't sold out to the builders.His house is on the edge of the property line, right next to the alley of this new subdivision. It's pretty low budget stuff in my opinion. But Dad's place is nice. Lots of room, kickass house, I'd live there.


If you can make out the can, you will see it's a budweiser which is total piss but I'll drink it in a pinch. Turned out to be a beautiful Dallas afternoon & we spent it discussing old times & new times with my son & his grandkids. He's really mellowed these last few years. He lost his job in the telecom downturn & sort of retired. Luckily he made some $ in before the whole thing blew apart.It really was a beautiful afternoon. Dad has recently erected a flagpole. His new neighbors are just going to love that.

Sunny Day

The flagpole is important to him since he was a United States Marine. This is shot of the sticker on the back window of his truck. I loved how it reproduced. Speaking of Marines. One of my very best friends that I've known forever is still in Iraq. He was in Afganistan before. He's exactly the person I want over there kicking some ass. Just want him to come home safely. I actually found him in this article where he is quoted a few times. (Scott T. Sturrock)

United States Marine Corps

So we sat there & I played with my new camera while he chain-smoked. Dad doesn't really eat, well, I've hardly ever seen him eat. I think he lives off coffee, cigarettes, and beer. Maybe some bourbon at night. I've known him over 10 years & only seen him eat maybe twice, and one of those was at a chili cookoff we entered. What's the significance of that? No clue. A few years ago they got a couple of new dogs. I guess they are white labs. I took about 10 pictures and this was the best one I got. The rest are chopped heads, very blurry, or half-dogs. I ended up really with lots of pictures of feet and ass.


They seems like good dogs. That color on the right one's nose is supposed to an allergic reaction to food. I got to hear about the expensive dogfood he was now buying. It was exciting. They build these houses so fast. They started the framing on this house in the morning. Not bad progress.


Notice the shitter on a slant. Dad says they do it on purpose to keep 'em from camping out in there. We saw the same guy go about 5 times & none of the others. He must have picked up a bad burrito from the roach coach or something. Must have really stunk up the thing, because it was bad enough to keep the others out of there the whole time.


His wife got home and I was soon to leave.

Mrs. Dad

But I took a few more flag pics before I left. Turned out to be a fun afternoon.

Sunset Flag

Sunset Flag

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