Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Wymer and Burdell

Ran across this scan of my grandparents Wymer & Burdell Young.


They say my grandfather used to walk 10 miles from his house on the head of Ellijay to her house on Rabbit Creek to court her. Yes, those are the real names of the little communities around Franklin, NC. Ok, maybe there was a wagon ride or two... but you can bet NO cars. From what I've heard, his hair color in this picture was the same color as mine. Red.

I can see the house she was born in from my parent's deck. They moved "back home" after my dad retired. I've been in that old house a couple of times. It was eventually sold & the new owners seem to be taking good care. I may ask for a tour next time I'm there. I was born in Texas, but both my parents are from this same small town. They moved to Texas in 66 and I was born in 67.

My grandmother is still living but is in a nursing home. She has good & bad days. My grandfather died several years ago. God bless them both.


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