Wednesday, April 27, 2005

White River, Arkansas

Each summer around June 1st, I take a trip to the White River in Arkansas to fish for trout. We use a guide, so it's real "easy" fishing. I'll be leaving in a month for this place. It is beautiful.

White River, Arkansas

Here's my buddy Chris with a typical trout. We keep a few rainbows, but everything else goes back in the river. Chris is the one sitting down. They both have a mouth like a trout, so I thought you might be confused.

Chris with a Trout - White River, Arkansas

Here's another morning shot. The time in the EXIF data appears to be correct... 8am on 6/2/2001. That appears to be a Saturday, so it's the 2nd day of fishing. Ah... I can't wait.

White River, Arkansas

This is a view from the porch from Fulton's Lodge, a past haunt. Actually, I highly recommend it if you are a fly fisherman. We stayed at Sportsman's Resort the last couple of years. Kind of low budget / no frills, except for the cost of the guide.

View from Porch, White River, Arkansas

If you ever get a chance to visit, I highly recommend doing some fishing. And if Gator OR Buzz are guiding at Sportsman's, they are your best bet. I believe Gator is retired now, but comes out occasionally for the right price.


hc said...

that looks like great fun, billy! :)

i particularly enjoyed the trout joke. (totally up my alley)

thanks for your lengthy comment--it was very much appreciated!

your pictures have been stunning by the way!

Billy Bob Bain said...

It is fun. No phone is another plus. Of course I still have to take my cell or Lee Ann has a fit. But service is spotty, so it never rings.