Saturday, April 30, 2005

Yellow Flower #7, Cottonwood Art Festival

Can you tell I'm struggling for picture material? These flowers have a plastic look to them that I find oddly appealing.

yellow flower #7

Next week is the Cottonwood Art Festival though. Plenty of photo material there. The John Gaar Band is playing both Saturday & Sunday, May 7 & 8th. I met his wife on a plane last year on the way back from JavaOne. She was a vendor. I was attending. She was really cool and made the plane trip fun for a change. They moved from Somewhere in California to Austin for a change of pace & hopefully luck. I think it's working out. We'll be there for the opening Saturday at 10:30am (yes, that early - he plays until 11:45am) in order to see him. I'll have my Astros hat on & Noah will be with us. Stop by & say hi.


hc said...

i think i will just do that! :D

Anonymous said...

i went but i didnt see you!

great art though!


Billy Bob Bain said...

We were sitting right behind the beer stand from around 10:30am to 11:45am, then wandered around for a couple of hours. We were at a table with my in-laws, which might have thrown you off. The thing turned into this big family outing. My brother and his roommate's wife & kid were with us too. (long story) It was family overload.

Now Mother's Day today... I'm gonna be worn out by tonight.

I'll post some pics soon.

Anonymous said...

hi there,
this is saundra gaar, john gaar band. if you took any pics of the band playing, let me know! or if you enjoyed the music, please go sign the guestbook at it helps the band get invited back!
and, planning our presence at javaone again this year. maybe will see you on the plane again :)

Billy Bob Bain said...


I posted them in a flickr set at

The original files are available on that site... click
on an individual picture then click the "All Sizes"
link. The originals are 6 megapixel files.

We all enjoyed the music & I'll stop by & sign the
guestbook soon.

I'd be happy to customize the description on the
flickr set however you & John want... just send me
some text to include. I guess a reference to your
website would be good at a minimum....

I am about to book my JavaOne stuff too... time