Monday, April 04, 2005

Dallas Arboretum

We went to the Dallas Arboretum on Saturday. It was ok, except for the crowds. I didn't get to take as many pictures as I had hoped, and didn't get any good ones of my son. Very disappointing. That was our 1st trip. Next time it will be valet parking & we'll have a picnic basket with us. As always, you can click on these to see the full size image.

Yellow Flower

I can feel my nose starting to run already...

Yellow Flower

We took the shuttle bus... it was filled with the sound of sniffles on the way back. Allergies were in full force.

Purple Flower

I'd say this is my favorite shot. The tulips were already starting to look a bit old, but the red is still appealing.

Red Tulips

Not a bad place, just don't go during Dallas Blooms.


hc said...

what do you mean my bed was too hard!

really love the pictures youve been taking with your cam btw.

i want a new camera :(

StephTexas1976 said...

You are taking some bad-ass pics with that camera! I agree about staying away during Dallas Blooms unless you can get there during the day on a Tuesday or something - it is lovely though.

Billy Bob Bain said...

hc - Ha, you saw that... wondered if you checked your guestbook. I'm glad you like the pics. What kind of camera do you have now?

Billy Bob Bain said...

steph - thanks, I'm having fun with it. I will give it a try on a weekday.

hc said...

normally i dont check my guestbook (because its so sad), but today i felt compelled to for some reason!

i have a sony low end camera. doesnt even have optical zoom! its like stone age!

Billy Bob Bain said...

Well, I was planning to post a comment, but your site seemed hosed for a few days. So I found your "sad" guestbook instead.

It's not the camera anyway. It's the content. I like your adventures!

I was recently looking at the Pentax OptioWP, but I've spent my camera budget for a while. It's got a 3x optical, 5 mp, & it is waterproof. Perfect for quick shots anywhere. Some would say you need 10x optical, but that's a nice to have I think, not a must to have. (to borrow words from work)

hc said...

yeah i was thinking about tearing down the blog so i shut it down for a while. : )

really enjoying your posts of late though!

Billy Bob Bain said...

Shut it down for a content or technology shift? Or just cause you're bored with it?

han said...

just take it down because i don't feel like updating anymore.

i think i go through this kind of rut once a year.

'it's my time of the year!'

Billy Bob Bain said...

I understand. I just got started, so I'm not there yet. But I've been maintaining several websites for years (just not blogs) that I always consider dumping when the bill is due.

I'd certainly miss your adventures. And that founddiary thing... very interesting.