Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Rangers Opening Day 2005

Yes, I made it this year. Last year I missed the best game eva, but never again. Of course they lost this year, but there are 162 games in a season. I could see it coming... my loss sensing skills are second to none since I was born in Houston and lived through years of oiler & astro torment. We started at Chris' house, drove to pick up tickets at Preston & 635, then to pickup one more person. This was my designated driver. (at least on the way)


Here's part of our group waiting near mockingbird & 35 for someone to change clothes. That was the last stop then we were finally off to the game.

Waiting on Bentley

It was supposed to be a more civilized version of our prior opening days. It was no different. Beer, beer, beer and more beer. Don't worry, we had designated drivers. We started with a tailgate party with hotdogs & burgers of course. This is Todd, the cook, talking to upchuck girl before the game. I can' remember her name (no reason to) and just remember her puking outside the car after the game.

Todd and Upchuck Girl

Here's a shot of Bentley.


This is the very ugly Chris who I've known since 1987.


The truck doors served fine as urinal cover.


Oh yeah, there was a baseball game too. We ended up on the home run porch. I hate sitting up there... we were planning better seats but I guess someone complained so we went cheap again. Next year I'm buying my own tickets and we'll split up after the tailgate party. I was able to shoot at 300mm and get some ok shots. I would have liked to have been closer though. I'm used to better seats. Enough whining.


I think this is Blalock getting brushed back. (below)


Angels right-fielder.


Maybe Blalock again?


Play at the plate.


Here's another shot of Bentley.


Play at 1st.


Continued play at 1st.


And that was that. The Rangers lost after leading through the late innings. We ended up tailgating for 2 hours after the game, which pretty much wore me out.

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Anonymous said...

You are lucky that close-up of Chris didn't break your camera. If I were you I wouldn't tempt fate like that again.