Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Finally Bluebonnets

Found this place over near my office. It's not much of a secret, there were several other people there taking pictures. But we were able to get a few decent shots.

Noah in Bluebonnets

This one was a bit underexposed, so I tried to lighten it. It shifted the green in a way I don't like, but his face is much better.

Smile Big

I really like the Indian Paintbrushes too. He didn't seem to have a preference.

Indian Paintbrush

He kept finding things to grin about.


And running away from me. I had a hard time taking these... much harder than I remember that last time I took pictures of someone in Bluebonnets. Of course they were older than 19 months old.

Noah Loves It

Here's a decent shot of the field. It also was marked no trespassing, but there were tons of people enjoying the day. It was around 70 degrees.

Fields of Red and Blue

And that was that.

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