Sunday, March 27, 2005

Cottonwood Park

Last Thursday I met the wife for lunch. I had about a half hour to kill so I drove over to Cottonwood Park in Richardon to take a few pics. We go to the art festival here in the fall & spring. I highly recommend it. You can buy cool stuff that doesn't cost a lot of money.


First I saw a crow... I see them all the time, but this one seemed extra cocky so I took his pic.


Then I was repeatedly divebombed by a flock of pigeons.


Then this plane flew over a couple of times. If you click on the picture & look at the original on you can make out the numbers on the plane.


Then the squirrel. I actually hate squirrels, but this guy was tame so I shot a few pics of him. When I'm reduced to taking pictures of a squirrel, I know it is time to leave.


But just as I was topping the hill, I saw these turtles getting a little sun.


That kinda made my day. I've always like turtles. I always stop when I see one in the road & move it to safety.

Then it was time to go eat at Del's in downtown Richardson. Excellent burgers & root beer. Been there forever. New owner cleaned it up and the food still rocks.

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