Sunday, March 20, 2005

St. Patrick's Day

The last few years I have taken the train to Trinity Hall & celebrated St. Patrick's day. This year I decided to go alone, so I packed up my ipod & new camera and got the wife to drop me at the train station. The station at Galatyn park is right next to the Renaissance hotel. Click the photos for the album where you can view larger pics.

Galatyn Park Station

The fountain seems computer controlled, but probably is much simpler. In the summer this is a popular spot for kids on bikes. We'll bring my son here soon, I think he'll get a real kick out of it.

Fountain at Galatyn Park

I like this pic because of all the detail. If you click on the pic & then choose original size on the site, you will see the 6.1 mp version. You can pan around and really see just how bad the sprawl has gotten in North Dallas. This really sucks.


The ride on the train was fine. I saw the house I lived in while I was at SMU. This house was next door to my best friend's house. They had a pair of 60 year old oak trees his grandfather planted. House is there but empty since both parents died a few years ago. Trees are still there. A few years ago I sat up in that tree with my friend Chris and we split a six pack. His mother came out & yelled at us to get down. It was funny because both of us were probably 32 years old at the time. She died that winter. His dad died the next spring. miss both his parents. They were good people.

Old Oak Trees on Glen Lakes Drive

Here's a shot from the rear. If you look at the 6 megapixel version, you can just see my old house. It's a doctor's office now. Great place, wish I still had it.

Old Oak Trees on Glen Lakes Drive

Those pictures really suck, but it was the best I could do from the train. I should have gotten off the train at Walnut Hill station. Next time I will.

One thing I like about the train is getting a whirlwind tour of all the graffiti. I only took one pic, since I was always so busy looking at everything. Classic blunder. Not a good pic at that. Oh well, I'll do better next time.

Graffiti from Train

I continued on to Mockingbird Station. Trinity Hall was just an escalator ride up and I was sipping a Guiness within 5 minutes of the train stopping. On the way in I snapped this pic of the Trinity Hall sign. Love it.
Trinity Hall

This my friends is what a bar should be. I don't even miss the cigarette smoke. Notice the dark wood, low light, and general happy feel of the place.


This guy seems to be there every time I visit TH. I forget his name, but it doesn't matter. Everyone is named Shaun on St. Pats day. (or is it Shawn?) He was hitting on these two women. They had planned to see a movie at the Anjelika, but the lure of the beer was too much to resist. They asked me what I was going to do with the pic... they were worried about it showing up on a website. I don't know what they are worried about. Maybe they were supposed to be working or something.


For some reason I always seem to run into my next door neighbor at TH. We really don't see them that often with everyone's busy schedule. We get along great & all... just all very busy with kids & work I guess. Anyhow, here they are. A very handsome couple. Unfortunately I had to give up my seat at the bar & move outside where it was windy. The things you do for friendship. :)


Eventually it was time to go so I took the escalator down to the station. At 5pm the station is packed, which didn't bother me cause I was in ipod isolation.

Escalator at Mockingbird Station

I thought these guys were funny. They were looking cool & acting the part.


I thought this was a nice contrast to the above picture. No smiles here.

Cool Guys?

Finally back at the 190 station. I had some time to kill. This is a lame attempt at art. I wanted to climb this thing it was so friggin tall. Did I mention I like to climb?

Power Lines

Finally the wife comes & I shoot this as I cross the street. I'll spare you the 10 minutes of I'm bored standing at a bus stop pics.


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