Saturday, May 21, 2005

Harry Canary at the RoughRiders

We went to the Frisco RoughRiders game Thursday night for their 8-4 win over Midland. We had a blast as usual. I can't believe Midland is in 1st place, cause they really stunk up the place.

Harry Canary & the rest of the Zooperstars were there. I saw a Cubs game one time in the 90s while in Chicago for work and did get to hear Harry Caray sing TMOTTBG live & in person. Nothing like it. I think Harry Caray would like Harry Canary... it's just too funny not to laugh.

Harry Canary

The RoughRiders starting pitcher Wilfredo Rodriguez was on fire. Click on this picture to view the large size on He has an intense look on his face.


We have seat behind home plate & were surrounded by baseball scouts. We counted over a dozen of them in several groups. He was throwing 92+ in all 6 innings he pitched. He made one mistake & gave up a home run, but he pitched a good game. Gotta keep an eye on Wilfredo!


The Zooperstars didn't seem to do as much this time, but this little bit with Ken Giraffey was kind of cute. At least Noah liked it.


Nice bungled play in the outfield here...


and it continues... click on the pic to see it full size at flickr.


We also saw the 1st triple play in RR history that night, but sorry... no shots of it. I love minor league.


Anonymous said...

Where have you been? This blog is awful quiet.

Billy Bob Bain said...

My parents have been here for a week or so and I've got code cut next Tuesday... so I've been working like mad when not entertaining them.

Going trout fishing in Arkansas tomorrow morning... should have some pics and updates next week.