Thursday, October 27, 2005

I Still Love the Astros

Of course the series didn't turn out as I had hoped, but they did have a damn fine year. All the games this series were close & Backe's performance last night was stellar. He put them in a position to win the game & they just couldn't get it done. Pinch hitting for Backe with Bagwell was not the best move in my opinion. Bagwell grounded out & then the next inning Lidge gave up a run & that was that. Backe wanted to win that game all by himself & I think he might have surprised Garner & gotten on base somehow. I hate to say it, but Bags is old & just can't catch up to those high fastballs any more. Maybe he will be better next year, but I'm sure it will be with another team.

Morgan Ensberg. I hated this guy for a long time but then I was a convert towards the end of the season. He was hitting for power and doing it in the clutch with men on base. Then the playoffs started & he went to shit. We were calling him fancy boy during his bleached hair phase... I feel like calling him much worse right now.

It's a long way back, but maybe they can keep it together for one more season and make a run again next year. They won't give up & neither will the Houston fans. I mean, the 1st NLCS ever is a fine achievement. I know that's from the book "Things Losers Say", but it is still true. I got a lot of enjoyment stomping on the baby braves & making pujols cry.


Friday, October 21, 2005

The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated

Just busy.

Took a trip to North Carolina to visit my parents. This is Noah on the porch of my grandmother's house, known to everyone as "Mama Dell". I think this pic looks great huge... I like it uncropped so I can see the porch I fell off 100 times as a kid.

Noah on Mama Dell's porch

A gift from a great aunt that lasted about 5 minutes before he broke it.

Sax Noah

These cars from the same aunt didn't last much longer. The wheels fell off after a day. Cheap stuff I guess... no biggie. I think this pic is nice because of the natural lighting. I held this still w/o a tripod in natural light in the house. I had to shoot 15 of them before I got one in focus. Lesson... shoot often.


Breakfast at the "City Restaurant" in Franklin, NC. Excellent food and service. Note the Steelers overalls. A very good friend of mine gave these to Noah. I figured the Oilers have been dead long enough so I let him wear 'em. I still had to be very careful not to burn my native Houston skin.


We took a few walks up my parent's road. (cellphone pic)

Road Home

And played at the Wesley's Park, also in Franklin, NC. (cellphone pic)

A Picture Share!

Chicken Biscuit before the ride home. (cellphone pic)


This was Noah's 2nd plane trip. (last year we went to Vegas) No problems with him... I was whining more than him. It was just us two on this trip... very tiring, but very fun! This is on the plane on the way back. He loved the window seat.

Noah on Plane

I leave you with this... GO ASTROS!!!