Thursday, October 27, 2005

I Still Love the Astros

Of course the series didn't turn out as I had hoped, but they did have a damn fine year. All the games this series were close & Backe's performance last night was stellar. He put them in a position to win the game & they just couldn't get it done. Pinch hitting for Backe with Bagwell was not the best move in my opinion. Bagwell grounded out & then the next inning Lidge gave up a run & that was that. Backe wanted to win that game all by himself & I think he might have surprised Garner & gotten on base somehow. I hate to say it, but Bags is old & just can't catch up to those high fastballs any more. Maybe he will be better next year, but I'm sure it will be with another team.

Morgan Ensberg. I hated this guy for a long time but then I was a convert towards the end of the season. He was hitting for power and doing it in the clutch with men on base. Then the playoffs started & he went to shit. We were calling him fancy boy during his bleached hair phase... I feel like calling him much worse right now.

It's a long way back, but maybe they can keep it together for one more season and make a run again next year. They won't give up & neither will the Houston fans. I mean, the 1st NLCS ever is a fine achievement. I know that's from the book "Things Losers Say", but it is still true. I got a lot of enjoyment stomping on the baby braves & making pujols cry.



Anonymous said...

this is so disappointing. i come to your blog faithfully every morning and am disappointed again and again. no new updates. sigh.

Billy Bob Bain said...

Sorry, I will try to do better. These 70+ hr weeks the last month are catching up to me.