Friday, April 07, 2006

More Social Networking

I received an e-mail yesterday from the webmaster of the site. This company is the old "Apogee" and the maker of some of my favorite games from back in the day. I wasted so much time on Commander Keen that I might have finished my thesis had I not played it constantly instead of writing C code & reading math journals. (just kidding DAD)

I ran "threadster" against a couple of the forums after a little bit of work to make it compatible with VBB 3.5.4. The name "threadster" will not last, since that domain is taken. Suggestions would be appreciated.


original 4096 x 4096 image

I may regret doing this so early, but I've put up an early access version here. Feel free to click around and generate pictures. It may crash often & you may lose data at anytime... it's alpha stage & I wipe out the database fairly often.


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