Thursday, May 18, 2006

Capitola California

I am at JavaOne this week & we spent the weekend in Capitola, California. It's a small beach community near Santa Cruz. This was the view out the hotel (motel) window.

View out of Hotel Window

Noah got his feet wet. You can see mom's shadow in the picture... we kept very close due to the strong currents.

Noah Testing Waters

This is Noah on the bridge over the creek that flows into the ocean in Capitola.

Noah looking out

The real reason we went to Capitola was to get close to the Roaring Camp Railroad. Like many toddlers, Noah is train-crazy. (opposed to Crazy Train by Ozzy)

Noah and Mom

We rode the #7 Shay Engine. I enjoyed it as much as Noah.

Old Number 7 Shay Engine

He seemed to have a good time. It was warm that day, so a hat was essential.

Noah on Train

For both of us. I had my hat on backwards... notice Noah did the same on his own.

Matching Hats

Mom and Noah in front of the train.

Lee Ann and Noah

There was a tattooed family on the train. I really like the scorpion.

Tattooed Family

I think we'll go back to Capitola again. It was fun, albeit a bit expensive.


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